Sign module

Signs are a significant roadside asset. A typical county can have between 9,000 to more than 40,000 traffic control signs. They are an essential part of safety countermeasures for roads. Roadsoft's Sign module gives you a way to inventory signs and plan maintenance on signs that are reported as damaged or lost by the public. You can also use the module to inspect and maintain the retroreflectivity of your signs, which is now required by the FHWA.

Information tracked using the Sign module includes:

  • Location
  • Post details
  • Sign sheeting type
  • Dimensions
  • Inspections
  • Work orders
  • Sign retroreflectivity ratings
The inventory tab displays information about signs and their posts

The inventory tabs can manage information about both signs and their support posts

Multiple tabs in the Sign Module for displaying and managing your signs

There are multiple tabs in the Sign Module for managing work involving signs