The installers below do not come with framework (basemap), which Roadsoft requires for installation. If you do not currently have Roadsoft, contact us depending on if you are Michigan agency or a non-Michigan agency.

The system requirements for Roadsoft, Roadsoft Mobile and the Laptop Data Collector can be found in the Roadsoft Manual.


If you are running Roadsoft or LDC 7.8 or earlier, or your basemap is Michigan Framework Version 15 or earlier, do not install or update to the new version of Roadsoft. Contact Roadsoft technical support at

Before Updating or Installing

  • Back up your data.
  • Prior to installing or updating Roadsoft/LDC, check your operating system version and SQL version for compatibility.
  • If you are in the middle of data collection, import any LDC data into Roadsoft.

Roadsoft 2018.11

Released Friday, November 30, 2018


This will update Roadsoft to the latest version. NOTE: Requires Roadsoft version 2018.5 or newer. For older versions, use the full installer below.

Full Installer

This is the full Roadsoft installer including SQL Server Express. This installer is silent install compatible.

Old Versions of Roadsoft

For older versions of Roadsoft (version 7.8.x or earlier), contact Roadsoft Technical Support at

Roadsoft Update History

Component Updates
New Features
  • Added support for the updated Roadsoft Mobile app (iOS and Android) which adds data collection, inspection and work orders for Sidewalk as well as the ability to add, edit, and delete Culverts and Signs.
  • Added 'Asset Management Plan Reporting' to the TAMC menu to support the MI Pavement Asset Management Template export process.
  • Added sample filters and legends to support the MI Pavement Asset Management Template export process.
Culvert Filters
  • Fixed Type, Shape, and Exit/Entrance Structure filter fields so lookup values are sorted alphabetically rather than by code.
Export to File
  • Added Units fields to Culvert export for fields that include units.
  • Fixed bug exporting Culvert shapes which would truncate dimensions for certain fields (Height, Width, etc.) to 99.9 if 3 digits.
  • Fixed bug exporting Road shapes which would skip segments whose only rating history was a zero rating such as TAMC Gravel validation.
LDC Import
  • Fixed bug where importing Road LDC export into Roadsoft would create duplicate IBR ratings if the export was imported more than once.
  • Fixed bug in selection which would not show info for segments whose only rating history was a zero rating such as TAMC Gravel validation.
Pavement Management
  • Added Road Width to the Project Planner Segment Grid for candidates.
  • Fixed bug loading a saved Strategy which would throw an exception because all unpaved surface subtypes were removed from the database.
  • Fixed 'Value cannot be null' exception loading a saved Project Plan based on a filter
Project Builder
  • Added the ability to estimate costs for a project using actual road widths instead of the default width for a defined subtype.
Road Filters
  • Added 'Jurisdiction Type' filter field which filters road segments based on the City/Twp Ownership value: City, Township, Other.
Road Reports
  • Added 'Latest Inventory Based Rating (IBR) Mileage Summary' report to 'Rating/Treatment' reports group.
  • Added 'AM Plan Template' report group to help support the process of exporting data for the MI Pavement Asset Management Plan Template.
  • Fixed bug which removed the option to choose between Centerline and Lane Miles on the 'Legal System Mileage by Township' Inventory report.