Making Your RoadSoft 7 Interface Work for You

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to work with the docking, floating and hiding features available in RoadSoft, you may be wondering what those terms mean, and how customizing your interface works. Here’s what you should know.

Traffic Count Module Released

The latest version of Roadsoft includes a Traffic Count Module that gives users an option for more detailed entry and analysis of traffic count statistics, including entering and tracking traffic counts from automated monitoring stations.

Pavement Deterioration Curves

Using both idealized PASER deterioration information and your own PASER ratings, Roadsoft generates deterioration curves that provide you with detailed pavement performance data.

Sign Retroreflectivity FAQs

Roadsoft can help agencies comply with the new federal retroreflectivity requirements. In this issue of the Roundup we will answer three frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding sign retroreflectivity.