New Small Segment Tool Helps Streamline Pavement Management

The Small Segment Tool will provide a streamlined method for users to locate and reduce the number of small segments within their road network in RoadSoft, which will make networks easier to work in.

Google Integration in RoadSoft 7

The Google Integration feature in RoadSoft 7 gives you tools that can make verifying data elements and sharing information easier. The new tools allow you to access detailed maps and street views provided by Google.

Making Your RoadSoft 7 Interface Work for You

If you haven’t already had the opportunity to work with the docking, floating and hiding features available in RoadSoft, you may be wondering what those terms mean, and how customizing your interface works. Here’s what you should know.

Updated Crash Data Available

Proper analysis of crash data is an essential part of making traffic safety improvements, especially when applying for federal safety programs. Roadsoft offers users the ability to examine detailed Michigan crash data from the last ten years to make this process easier.