RUCUS 2018


September 26, 2018   |   DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Rapids Airport – Grand Rapids, Michigan


Extended Service Life of Roadways
Best First? A Strategy for Extending the Service Life of Roadways (Or Are You Chicken?)
Bradley Lamberg, Barry County Road Commission
Roadsoft ESL Calculator & ESL Study Update
Peter Torola, Center for Technology & Training

Project Planning & Selection Tool: These Stunts are Performed by
Trained Professionals, Don’t DO Try These at Home
Rick DeVries, City of Grand Rapids
Rick Sprague, Kent County Road Commission

Pavement Markings: Watching Paint Dry
Mark Swanson, Ingham County Road Department

Sidewalk Module & Sidewalk Mobile
If You Don’t Like the Way I Drive, Get Off the Sidewalk!
Amy Gilson, City of Charlotte
Roadsoft Mobile Sidewalk App Preview
Luke Peterson, Center for Technology & Training

Michigan Hour & Non-Michigan Roundtable Discussions
Mike Toth, Michigan Department of Transportation – System Monitoring and Reporting Unit
Roger Belknap, Transportation Asset Management Council
Mark Holmes, Center for Shared Solutions

Roadsoft Deep Dive into New Features & the 
New Drainage Structure Module

Sean Thorpe, Center for Technology & Training

Culvert Module, Culvert Pilot, & Data Collection Hardware
Roadsoft Culvert Module: The Dirt on Culvert Data Collection & Culvert Pilot Update & Table Review

Larry Brown, Allegan County Road Commission
Scott Bershing, Center for Technology & Training

What to Expect When You’re Collecting:
We Interviewed a Pro to Find Out…

Mary Crane, Center for Technology & Training
Our Pro: Brian Burlingham, Traffic Tech Services, L.L.C.