RUCUS - Present

Do you know a person who has an innovative or interesting use of Roadsoft? Do you use Roadsoft in an innovative way that you think would help your peers?  Do you have a suggestion for a Roadsoft topic that you think would help you or your peers?

The CTT is seeking presenters and topic ideas for RUCUS. If you are interested in sharing your experiences and use of Roadsoft, or have any suggestions for interesting topics, please take a moment to suggest a person you know or yourself as a potential speaker or to suggest topics for RUCUS using the form below. Please note: if you have a topic suggestion, but you're unwilling or unable to present, let us know and we'll present the topic for you.

Speaker/Topic Suggestion Form


NOTE: We greatly value your suggestions for topics that provide training and technical assistance; however, please be aware that we cannot use marketing/sales topics for our conference presentations.

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