Issue 16.3 |

Participating in the Roadsoft Conversation

This issue discusses the Roadsoft User Group meeting held on August 5th, 2016, the 2017 Work Plan Survey, and the upcoming Roadsoft User Conference of the United States (RUCUS).

Issue 16.4 |
Issue 17.3 |

Engagement Drives Design

This issue discusses the Roadsoft User Group meeting, along with the subsequent 2018 Roadsoft work plan survey and survey results.

Issue 17.2 |
Issue 17.1 |

Advancing Asset Management

This issue discusses changes to the Investment Reporting Tool (IRT) and consequent updates to Roadsoft. It also highlights the new Inventory Based Rating System™ now available in Roadsoft. 

Issue 16.1 |

Introducing Roadsoft 7.10

This issue introduces the latest release of Roadsoft, version 7.10, and also includes important discussion regarding non-Federal-aid data collection for 2016.