Windows 7 End of Service Life

Microsoft announced that after January 14, 2020, they will no longer provide security updates or support for Windows 7. In response to this announcement, the CTT will also no longer support or allow new software installations on PCs running Windows 7 starting January, 2020.

Depending on the age of the computer running Windows 7, hardware upgrades or computer replacement may be required to upgrade to Windows 10. It is recommended that all Roadsoft and MERL customers still running Windows 7 investigate upgrading to Windows 10 sooner rather than later. Chances are good that the performance gains with a new computer running Windows 10 will outweigh the cost and inconvenience of the upgrade.

Roadsoft system requirements can be found online at These suggested system requirements are for small to moderately-sized agencies running Roadsoft standalone (client & database on one PC) and Laptop Data Collector (LDC). Larger agencies may need more computer power; if this is the case, please contact Roadsoft technical support at