Roadsoft - Update Available

The latest Roadsoft release is available. This release updates Roadsoft to version 2017.4. The updates and complete list of changes are available on the Downloads page. 

The Roadsoft release includes new features specific to TAMC data export and reporting. The TAMC exports and reporting code conversion is complete has an updated interface with new features for selecting and multi-editing data projects for the TAMC exports. To support TAMC’s changes to the Investment Reporting Tool (IRT), this Roadsoft update also includes new fields and new TAMC treatment categories. For more information on the TAMC export and reporting changes, see the TAMC Reporting Changes: Adjustments to Roadsoft article in the latest version of the Roadsoft Roundup (v17n1).

Additional updated features in Roadsoft 2017.4 include several bug fixes, and the addition of road-related field options for Guardrail, Sign, Culvert, Linear Pavement Mark, Point Pavement Mark, Sidewalk, and Traffic Count Module shapefile exports.