Roadsoft Roundup 23.2 Available

This issue of the RoadSoft Roundup provides a brief history of the Culvert Module and announces the ability to upload culvert data to the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) for use in a statewide data sharing map. 

In addition, there is a notification of the availability of 2022 crash data for Roadsoft, as well as an overview of the process to import updated crash data.

Finally, there is a reminder that the Center for Technology & Training is offering agencies the opportunity to request in-person technical assistance with our Roadsoft on the Road and online with our Tech Assist Tuesday sessions.

Roadsoft Roundup 23.2 can be downloaded from

The Roadsoft Roundup is a quarterly publication detailing updates to Roadsoft to keep you informed about the latest releases and best practices. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Roundup or its content, please contact the CTT at 906-487-2102 or email