Roadsoft Mobile 2018.12 Update Now Available

An update to Roadsoft Mobile is now available for download. Roadsoft Mobile version 2018.12 adds the ability to add, edit, and delete signs/supports, as well as culverts. In addition, a new Sidewalk module has been added to allow users to add, edit, or delete sidewalk features, as well as manage work orders and inspections. This release also includes a number of minor improvements and enhancements.

The Roadsoft Mobile application, is available at no cost for both iOS (located in the App Store) and Android (located in the Google Play store). 

Important Note: Roadsoft Mobile 2018.12 requires Roadsoft 2018.11 or later. Roadsoft 2018.11 users wishing to use Roadsoft Mobile will need to update to Roadsoft Mobile to 2018.12.