Understand the Need for SQL Server/SQL Express

Roadsoft uses SQL Server or SQL Server Express (SQL means Structured Query Language) to create their databases. SQL Server and SQL Server Express create the environment, or “Server”, for the creation of a database. Databases store and organize data. Servers retrieve the data for the Roadsoft “Client.”

Client – the software application that is installed on a machine (e.g. Roadsoft or MERL), which is used for entering data. The client “talks” to the server and the server passes the data back and forth between the database and the application.

Server – the environment for the database. SQL Server or SQL Server Express are server applications. The server is the communication gateway that allows the client access to the database.

Determine SQL Server Setup

A server requires correct configuration in order for Roadsoft to function properly with it. The server configuration depends on the number of computers connected to it for entering data into the Roadsoft client.

Entering Data from a Single Computer

For entering data into Roadsoft from a single machine, the client machine should be setup with a stand-alone database and server directly on the client machine. The recommendation is that agencies use the Center for Technology & Training’s instance of SQL Server Express for creating a Standalone server. SQL Server Express comes with the Roadsoft application. See Install Roadsoft for installation instructions.

Entering Data from Multiple Computers

For entering data into Roadsoft from multiple machines, a networked server is required to have a shared database among the connecting client machines. Network servers are typically created using agency purchased hardware and the SQL Server application. If this is the case, the server’s firewall may require the addition of an exception to allow the Roadsoft or MERL application to “talk” to the server. Agencies using Microsoft’s instance of SQL Server Express will probably need to enable sharing. See Set Up SQL Express Sharing for additional help enabling the program. The recommendation is that agencies use the CTT’s instance of SQL Server Express in lieu of Microsoft’s instance.

Locate Database Information

To ensure client connection of Roadsoft to the correct server, or to troubleshoot issues with the database, it is important to understand how to locate database information.

The selected database on the [Application} User Login window, like in the example below, shows the specific server where data is stored in a database. The first bracketed section after “Connecting to database” , indicates the database name that Roadsoft will attempt connection on. The second bracketed section after “on” , indicates the server name and SQL instance name that Roadsoft will attempt connection on.

Create a New Database

See Create a New Database or Use Multiple Databases for information about creating new databases.

Edit Existing Databases

See Backup, Move & Restore Database for information about editing databases.