Install the Laptop Data Collector (LDC)

How to Install the LDC

Download the LDC installer.

(SetUpLDCXXXX.X.exe - XXXX.X represents the LDC version number – ex. SetupLDC2020.1.exe) from

1.       Save the file on your machine.

Do not select an installer that has update in the title. If your internet browser asks to Run or Save the program – choose Save.

2.       After downloading, right-click on the SetUpLDCXXXX.X.exe file and select Run as Administrator.

3.       Follow the prompts to complete installation.

When you open the Laptop Data Collector (LDC), you will not have any data stored, and will need to complete an LDC export from Roadsoft and import it to the LDC. To complete this, refer to instructions in Import and Export – LDC – The Data Cycle.