The installers below do not come with framework (basemap), which Roadsoft requires for installation. If you do not currently have Roadsoft, contact us depending on if you are Michigan agency or a non-Michigan agency.

The system requirements for Roadsoft, Roadsoft Mobile and the Laptop Data Collector can be found in the Roadsoft Manual.


If you are running Roadsoft or LDC 2018.x or earlier, or your basemap is Michigan Framework Version 16 or earlier, do not install or update to the new version of Roadsoft. Contact Roadsoft technical support at

Before Updating or Installing

  • Back up your data.
  • Prior to installing or updating Roadsoft/LDC, check your operating system version and SQL version for compatibility.
  • If you are in the middle of data collection, import any LDC data into Roadsoft.

Roadsoft 2021.4

Released Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Update File:

Updater is not available. Use the full installer below.

Full Installer

This is the full Roadsoft installer including SQL Server Express. This installer is silent install compatible.

PLEASE NOTE: All users connecting to a shared database must have their Roadsoft client updated to 2021.3 or newer.

Old Versions of Roadsoft

For older versions of Roadsoft (version 2017.x or earlier), contact Roadsoft Technical Support at

Roadsoft Update History

Component Updates
New Feature
  • Added export to Roadsoft Mobile for Guardrail data collection.
Crash Module
  • Fixed bug loading a UD-10 in the module for the first crash selected requiring the user to hit 'Retry' to actually load the PDF.
Cloud Management
  • Agency Cloud key is now stored in the database rather than the user's settings.
Framework Correction Requests
  • Fixed exceptions saving request if the Road layer was not active or if more than one road segment was selected.
Framework Migration
  • Fixed exception migrating Road IBR data due to null 'Edited By' values.
Pavement Management
  • Surface Condition Trend Analysis: Added option to report on centerline miles instead of lane miles.
Sign Filters
  • Added Background Color and Legend Color to Filter Fields list.
Sign Module
  • Updated Sign Type to 'Warning' for Object Marker signs--any MUTCD code that starts with 'OM'
TAMC Export
  • Fixed bug exporting project data which would tag Bmp/Emp fields with upper case BMP/EMP which caused rejection by IRT.