The installers below do not come with framework (basemap), which Roadsoft requires for installation. If you do not currently have Roadsoft, contact us depending on if you are Michigan agency or a non-Michigan agency.

The system requirements for Roadsoft, Roadsoft Mobile and the Laptop Data Collector can be found in the Roadsoft Manual.


If you are running Roadsoft or LDC 7.8 or earlier, or your basemap is Michigan Framework Version 15 or earlier, do not install or update to the new version of Roadsoft. Contact Roadsoft technical support at

Before Updating or Installing

  • Back up your data.
  • Prior to installing or updating Roadsoft/LDC, check your operating system version and SQL version for compatibility.
  • If you are in the middle of data collection, import any LDC data into Roadsoft.

Roadsoft 2017.11

Released Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Update installer for Roadsoft version 2017.3 (or newer). This installer is silent install compatible.

Full Installers

Setup File (Bootstrapper):

The full Roadsoft installer with SQL Server Express.
Setup File (No bootstrapper):

This is the full Roadsoft installer (no "bootstrapping") without SQL Server Express. This installer is silent install compatible.

Old Versions of Roadsoft

For older versions of Roadsoft (version 7.8.x or earlier), contact Roadsoft Technical Support at

Roadsoft Update History

Component Updates
New Features
  • Project Planner Tool is now available. This tool provides an interface for planning/selecting future road projects based on predicted pavement deterioration, treatment options, treatment costs, and budget by either using a Strategy or a Filter of roads.
Export to File
  • Added missing longitude field to the Point Pavement Marking export feature
  • Added road-related fields (NFC, Surface Type, Lanes, etc.) to the Crash export feature
  • Added MUTCD, MUTCD Description, and Sign Description fields to the Sign export feature
Guardrail Filters
  • Added a filter field for User Guardrail ID.
Intersection Module
  • Added option to print the current intersection in the module.
Intersection Reports
  • Added Intersection Inventory Report with Legs report that contains detailed inventory information relating to each intersection including intersection legs.
  • Added code to flash the segment on the Mini Map upon selection of an intersection leg in the Intersection Leg grid.
LDC Import
  • Fixed an exception importing a pre-2017.8 LDC Export with road data which would fail on a missing 'MIRESurfaceType' column.
  • Added option to clear the current Spatial Map Selection when using the Spatial Selection Information tool.
  • Added option to turn on map viewer scrollbars (on by default) which gives the ability to pan the map using the scrollbars without changing map mode.
  • Added option to the tools menu to manually plot a point on the map using decimal latitude/longitude values.
Pavement Management
  • Fixed bug which would throw an 'Index was out of range' when closing the Strategy Design window when the Budget form was undocked from the Optimize Design tab.
  • Fixed data discrepancy between the 'Average PASER Rating' graph and the 'Average PASER Rating Report'.
Project Builder
  • Fixed the exception 'Sequence contains no elements' occurring when changing a project that would remove it from the filtered list of projects.
Road Module
  • Added the following fields to the Print Segment Report: User Inv ID, Divided Direction, Access Control, Median Type, Traffic Operations, Government Ownership, and MIRE Surface Type.
Sign Filters
  • Fixed bug which would calculate incorrect results for 'undefined' user-defined field values.
Sign Reports
  • Added sign and support reports that include user-defined fields.
  • Added option to Archived Sign Report for filtering and sorting