Roadsoft & LDC Update Available - 2018.5

The latest release for Roadsoft and LDC is available. This release updates Roadsoft and the Laptop Data Collector (LDC) to version 2018.5. The updates and a complete list of changes are available on the Downloads page. 

Roadsoft version 2018.5 includes the new Drainage Structure Module and the converted Sidewalk Module. This Drainage Structure module allows agencies to track drainage-related point features such as Catch Basins, Manholes, Inlets, etc. The Sidewalk Module includes an updated interface, inspection features, and work orders. Both modules are available for data collection using the LDC.

New Bridge Module fields and supporting features including a new Bridge Dashboard are also in this release. Additionally, data updates for the Bridge Module and for the Crash Module are available.

This LDC update supports the Roadsoft 2018.5 release.

Local agencies and their consultants using Roadsoft receive information and update preparation instructions via email. Customers who did not receive this communication, but wish to receive future Roadsoft related communications, should contact us requesting addition to our mailing list.