The Roadsoft User’s Manual is a guide to using features of Roadsoft and the Laptop Data Collector (LDC) programs. Use the categories on the sidebar to find written and video tutorials on each module or use the Search tool to find a specific topic.

Roadsoft and the Laptop Data Collector (LDC) are designed to work collaboratively to enable you to complete data collection cycles. Roadsoft provides you with the roadway framework and map of your jurisdiction and is the management software that enables you to edit, manage and report on all of your collected data in the field. The LDC is the software used to collect information about your network while in the field.

Getting Started

Installing Roadsoft – New Users
Provides step-by-step Instructions for first-time installation of Roadsoft on your office computer, along with database installation and instructions for use.
Installing the Laptop Data Collector (LDC)
Provides instructions for installing the LDC on your laptop for data collection in the field.
Import and Export Data – The Data Cycle
Provides instructions for exporting, importing and collecting data to complete the Data Cycle.

How it all Works – The Data Cycle

Using both Roadsoft roadway management software and the LDC for data collection is essential in completing the Data Cycle. The LDC is used for data collection in the field. Assets can be collected for road features, signs, culverts, guardrails and driveways. At any time during LDC data collection, export your collected data from the LDC and import it to Roadsoft where you can manage the data. Follow the steps below to complete the data cycle:

1.       Choose the data type you’ll be collecting and export the data from Roadsoft.

2.       Then, import the data into the LDC.

3.       Data collection can begin by driving the roadways and entering information directly into the LDC.

4.       Collected data can be exported from the LDC at any time during data collection.

5.       LDC exports must then be imported in Roadsoft where you can edit, review and report information about your roadway network.