Laptop Data Collector (LDC) & Roadsoft Mobile

Roadsoft LDC

Asset management systems run on good data, and the availability of cheap, accurate data is critical to the success of an asset management program. Data collection is also one of the largest costs of managing an asset management system. The Roadsoft Laptop Data Collector (LDC) utility enables you to collect data for roads, signs, culverts, guardrails, point pavement makings, linear pavement markings, sidewalks, drainage structures, and driveways from the passenger seat of a moving vehicle. Using a laptop computer with a basic “puck-style” GPS, or a Windows tablet with a built-in GPS, along with a map exported from Roadsoft, you can quickly and efficiently collect the data necessary to begin managing your agency’s roadway assets.

The Road Rating tab in the Laptop Data Collector's Road Module

The road rating tab of the LDC

The Laptop Data Collector's Culvert Module

The culvert information tab of the LDC

The Laptop Data Collector's Sign Module

The sign data tab of the LDC

Roadsoft Mobile

Roadsoft Mobile for road, sign, culvert, and sidewalk management activities, combined with Roadsoft desktop software, provides Roadsoft users a powerful set of tools to enable management on the go.
With Roadsoft Mobile, users can create, complete, and submit changes on work orders, maintenance, and other related records right from a sign, culvert, or sidewalk location.
Roadsoft Mobile for road collection allows the user to enter PASER ratings along with Inventory Base Ratings (IBR) for unpaved roads, while allowing for inventory updates along the way.

Key Features

• Access uploaded road, sign, culvert and sidewalk data from cloud storage.

• View and edit road, sign, culvert and sidewalk data on an interactive Google map.

• Add location and edit inventory for signs, culverts and sidewalks.

• Enter PASER and IBR ratings for road segments.

• Complete existing sign, culvert, and sidewalk work orders.

• Complete sign and sidewalk inspections and culvert ratings.

• Complete Culvert Stream Crossing Surveys.

• Submit completed work to cloud storage.

App Requirements

• Internet connection

• Roadsoft Cloud Key (available from the Center for Technology & Training)

• Roadsoft desktop software (7.8.3 or higher)

• Requires iOS 8.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad. This app is optimized for iPad.

• Android 4.0.3 (or higher)

Note: Use of Roadsoft Mobile requires a licensed copy of Roadsoft software (desktop).


The Roadsoft Mobile application is available at no cost for both iOS (located in the App Store) and Android (located in the Google Play store).