Traffic Signal Module

Road intersections can be busy with traffic signals, poles, signs, cameras, and other devices set up around them to monitor and assist traffic. Knowing the location and condition of these devices is useful when planning maintenance and construction for both the traffic signals and the roads around them. Roadsoft’s Traffic Signal module allows users to record information about the placement, specifications, and condition of traffic signals and other devices.


Information tracked using the Traffic Signal Module includes:

  • Location

  • Energy rates and providers

  • Communication cabinet systems

  • Off-peak hours

  • Additional devices

  • Work orders

  • Inspections

  • Intersection Participants

The Roadsoft Traffic Signal Module

The Traffic Signal Module keeps track of all traffic signals and other devices installed at an intersection

The Traffic Signal Library window

The Signal Library records the various types of devices that can be installed at an intersection

The Roadsoft Traffic Signal Module with the Intersection Participant and Work Order tabs open

The Intersection Participation and Work Order tabs help track other useful information