Download Crash Data for FW17

Crash data for 2016 did not come with the Framework 17 (FW17) Roadsoft release in March 2017. The data is now available for Roadsoft versions 2017.3 and 2017.4 with framework 17 (FW17). See Import Crash Data for agencies who have not previously imported crash data.

Download Data

1.    Select the Crash layer.

2.    Select the File tab at the top of the window.

3.    Select Import.

4.    Select Import Crash Data.

a.       Read the Restricted Use Warning.

b.      Select the I Accept button.

5.    To add the year 2016 crash data, select the Check for Updated Data button.

6.    Select the Download from Cloud Button.

7.    Select the desired crash years to import.

a.       Right-click to select from options: Select All, Select None, or Select Last 5 Years, or select the checkboxes for the desired years.

8.    Select the Import Selected button.