Sign retroreflectivity management

Federal regulations require all local transportation agencies to establish a plan for keeping signs in compliance with retroreflectivity standards. Agencies are free to choose their own Retroreflectivity management procedure as long as all signs are compliant by 2018. There are a number of established methods for evaluating retroreflectivity, including visual inspection, calibration signs, comparison panels, retroreflectometer readings, expected sign life, blanket replacements, and control signs. All of these methods can be tracked in detail using the Sign module in Roadsoft. These tools allow agencies to develop cost-effective inspection and maintenance cycles to keep signs above minimum retroreflectivity levels.

The Center for Technology & Training also has additional resources to help establish different retroreflectivity management methods. If your agency is having difficulties establishing a sign management plan, call the CTT office line or email us at for assistance.


The Retroreflectivity tab in Roadsoft's Sign Module

Retroreflectivity tab in the Sign Module


The Retroreflectivity Rating tab in the Laptop Data Collector

Sign retro rating in the Laptop Data Collector