Roadsoft & LDC Update – Version 2021.3 is Now Available

Roadsoft and Roadsoft LDC Version 2021.3 are now available. This is a major version release for Roadsoft. Major releases for Roadsoft contain the newest framework (map), along with other features and enhancements. It is necessary to update both Roadsoft and the LDC to the same version for this release.


The Roadsoft & LDC 2021.3 update includes numerous enhancements and fixes throughout the programs. A complete list of changes is available on the Downloads page.

Noteworthy new features for this release include:

  • Migration of Michigan basemap framework features from v20 to v21 (see note below).
  • Crash (2011 - 2019) data updated and migrated to v21. When will 2020 crash data be available?
  • Bridge locations migrated to v21. Note: Bridge data has not been updated at this time.


  • Complete all active LDC data collections and import them into Roadsoft prior to updating or risk data loss. A new export from Roadsoft to LDC will be required to continue data collection. Any data currently in LDC can be exported and imported into Roadsoft--do so BEFORE performing the framework migration in Roadsoft.
  • Complete a database backup. See Back Up, Move, & Restore Database in the online Roadsoft Manual for more information.
  • Agencies currently receiving a migration request message in their current version of Roadsoft must complete all active LDC data collections and import them into Roadsoft prior to migrating or risk data loss.
  • All computers that connect to a shared Roadsoft database will need to be updated to the same version in order to connect.


  • Roadsoft 2019.3 or newer can update directly into this release. The update is available at
  • Roadsoft versions older than 2019.3 - contact technical support at
  • Roadsoft on Framework 16 or prior - contact technical support at


After updating Roadsoft an applying script updates, users will be prompted to perform a Framework Migration. It is extremely important to make another database backup before migrating data. Once migration is complete, any features that could not be migrated (could not be moved or adjusted based on new roadway information) will be available for view under the Asset Management->Migration Summary menu in Roadsoft.

In addition, for Road Segments that could not migrate, an option has been added to add a layer to the map that will display the previous version basemap segments including data to better visualize where road data was not migrated.


Contact the CTT at or (906) 487-2102.


If your agency has never used Roadsoft, please email your request from an agency email address to Roadsoft is available free of charge to all local agencies in Michigan.

Roadsoft is fully compatible with the 2012 and newer versions of SQL Server and SQL Server Express. Our 2019 SQL Server Express installer is now available for use with Roadsoft for agencies interested in upgrading their existing SQL Express server. Download the new installer at

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, March 31, 2021