Roadsoft FAQ - Where's my 2020 Crash Data?

Every year in January and February, the staff at the Center for Technology & Training (CTT) are asked when the previous year's crash data will be available in Roadsoft. This is a difficult question to put an exact date on, but we can provide some general guidelines.

MDOT reviews the previous year's crashes to ensure that everything is properly located and coded. This process typically takes 3-4 months to complete as there is a lot of data to compile and verify, crash report forms to redact, etc. Once they are done, the data is then reviewed by the governor's office, and once they sign off on it (for Michigan Crash Facts), the data is then provided to us to make available in Roadsoft.

Usually, this entire process is completed mid-April, but there have been years where it has stretched into May. Once the data is made available to the CTT, we do our best to complete the processing we need to do on our end and turn it around as quickly as possible to make it available within Roadsoft.

For instructions on updating crash data within Roadsoft, refer to our online manual at

Publication Date: 
Thursday, February 11, 2021