Michigan TAMC reporting

Michigan's Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) requires all local agencies in Michigan to submit an annual report detailing the condition of at least 50% of their federal-aid eligible, paved roads. Roadsoft allows pavement data to be used first at a local agency for active day-to-day management of specific pavements, then used a second time a the regional and metropolitan planning agency level for long range planning functions, then finally used a third time at the state level to monitor overall performance of the state’s public road infrastructure.


TAMC Also requires local agencies to annually submit information on planned and completed construction and maintenance projects. If you are already using Roadsoft to track your roadwork this reporting requirement can be met in a matter of minutes. 

The Completed Road Projects exporter in Roadsoft

Project Exporter for submitting completed road construction project data

The county road data export window in Roadsoft

Export form for creating county road data exports