Culvert module

Roadsoft's Culvert module contains information about culvert locations, conditions, and types. The built-in filter, network, and reporting tools allow you to select a series of culverts along a waterway and generate a list of maintenance needs and work orders. You can also quickly see the sizes and types of culverts along a waterway to help you decide if the hydraulic capacity will be adequate for an expected weather event.


Information tracked using the Culvert Module includes:

  • A visual representation of culvert position and location
  • Inventory information
    • Location and date constructed
    • Physical characteristics such as shape, size , and type
    • Permit information
  • Rating information
  • Work order information


The Roadsoft Culvert Module with the Ratings Tab open

The Inventory Tab and Ratings Tab of the Culvert Module


The Roadsoft Culvert Module with the Work Orders Tab open

The Work Orders tab of the Culvert Module