2019 PASER Data Collection with Roadsoft Important Notes

2019 PASER Data Collection with Roadsoft
Important Notes


The 2019 PASER data collection and submission cycle will be affected by the change in the delivery of the updated Michigan geographic framework (MGF) base map. Here are a few highlights that agencies should be aware of.

  • The State is modernizing the software and the process for updating the MGF base map that is used in Roadsoft. This improved format and process will delay the Roadsoft MGF update this year, but should speed up updates in successive years.
  • Historically, Roadsoft has included an updated MGF in the version released before April 1. This year’s Roadsoft spring release will not include an updated MGF, so PASER collection will start on MGF V17.
  • The CTT is actively working with the State to troubleshoot, test, and integrate MGF V19 into a future Roadsoft release planned for the summer of 2019.


“Rules” For Dealing with Collection and Base Map Update In Roadsoft

Roadsoft and LDC Versions Need to Match

Roadsoft and the Laptop Data Collector (LDC) should be on the same release version to ensure compatibility. If Roadsoft is updated to a version with MGF V19 while there is still LDC data in an older version using MGF V17, the LDC data files cannot be imported back into Roadsoft.

Always Complete the Roadsoft Data Collection Cycle

Whether you are updating Roadsoft or LDC, migrating, or submitting data, always make sure to import data from the LDC into Roadsoft first. This ensures that all your data is in the same version and is compatible. It’s also recommended that you create a Roadsoft backup after importing the LDC data.

Do Not Update Roadsoft or the LDC During Active Data Collection

The version of Roadsoft that will include MGF V19 will be released during the summer of 2019, and while this shouldn’t cause an issue for agencies that collect data during the spring or fall, it could be an issue for agencies collecting data in the summer. Once data collection starts, it’s recommended that the agency finish collecting data on the same version they started with to avoid potential issues with different MGF versions.

Can Collect Data in MGF V17 or MGF V19

Local agencies can collect PASER or any other data (sign, culvert, etc) using Roadsoft releases that use either version of the MGF. However, local agencies and their RPO/MPO will need to coordinate, as once the RPO/MPO upgrades to MGF V19, the remaining agencies yet to collect PASER data will need to upgrade to MGF V19.

Regions Can Receive Data in Either MGF V17 or MGF V19

RPO/MPOs can collect and receive data in either MGF V17 or V19. However, once the region migrates and begins working in MGF V19, all subsequent data collection must be done in MGF V19. If a local agency upgrades to MGF V19 prior to collecting PASER data and prior to the region upgrading to MGF V19, the agency may have to postpone their PASER collection until later in the season to accommodate the RPO/MPO and other agencies in their region.

Regions Should Submit Data to TAMC in MGF V19

DTMB/CSS would prefer that all data submitted to TAMC is using MGF V19. Regions should wait until all of the local agency PASER data is collected before submitting the data to TAMC. Prior to submission, all data collected using MGF V17 can be migrated to MGF V19.


If you have any questions about the 2019 PASER Data Collection process, Roadsoft updates, MGF updates and data migration, or would like all of this explained further, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-906-487-2102, or ctt@mtu.edu.

Further Explanation

Roadsoft spring software releases have historically included an update to the MGF base map that required Roadsoft client data migration. These releases were made available to Roadsoft customers prior to the start of the TAMC PASER collection season on April 1. The reasoning for this was to ensure that local agencies and regional/metropolitan planning organizations (RPO/MPO) were all on the same version of the MGF for data collection. However, in 2018 there wasn’t an update to the MGF due to the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) technology upgrade of the MGF and Linear Referencing System (LRS). Though inconvenient, the ongoing statewide MGF and LRS software upgrade will provide an extensible platform that will streamline workflows for both state and local agencies, while providing more accurate and timely data. The upgrade process has caused a delay in the delivery of the updated MGF version 19 (MGF V19) to the Center for Technology and Training (CTT). The CTT is actively working with the DTMB and will provide an update to Roadsoft that will include the MGF V19 during the summer of 2019. This timing is different than in past years when the data migration occurred prior the start of the data collection season, and could affect the data collection cycle of some agencies and/or RPO/MPOs.

For Roadsoft users, following the “Rules” For Dealing with Collection and Map Update In Roadsoft will ensure that data collection and submission goes smoothly.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, April 3, 2019